When Google Maps Timeline saves your day, looking for the car location - Gabriel Conceição
One day, I'm driving in Porto. Listening to a radio and thinking on what I need to do, I don't payed attention where I parked my car. Walking on the streets looking for a commercial establishment I need to go, I ended up getting lost. Then I used Google Maps to go to the desired destination. Only when I decide to leave the commercial establishment, I realized that I didn't registered where I had left my car. I had no reference in my mind, just that I had left beside a large gate of a house, nothing more. After some hours walking, looking for my car, exhausted, I remember that Google Maps has the ability to register every step I take, because I have Google Location History enabled. “Well, there will be some recorded information about my last moment driving”, I thought. And yes, I found it! With 18% remaining battery. Google had registered the street, and the company closest to my car where I parked it. Google Maps Timeline When I see the supposed location, I realize that I was one kilometer far away from my car on foot... Yes, a bad day! But it was there :-) You can easily access your Google Maps Timeline here. Some people can think this is useless and compromises the privacy of the users. Well, If no one accesses your account or mobile phone and has not installed unsafe applications or caught a virus, you may consider it safe. There is no foolproof computer system. Just think on the advantages of this tecnology and maintain the security precautions. And here is the tip for those who pass or may go through the same problem. A simple smartphone can help.
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